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A garden fence defines your garden in every sense of the word. Whether you wish to use the fence as demarcation or for decoration purposes, with fencing products by Felix Clercx you can design all your wishes.

Properties like solid and stable, open or closed, refined or robust, are represented in the wide variety of options that the different product lines have to offer. The flexibility of our products will make sure that there is a solution in whatever style you prefer.

Your garden fence will not only define your yard, but it will define your style too!

Low fencing

An elegant way to frame your garden. With a low fence you not only define your yard, you also provide it with a lovely accent.

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Fence posts

The FelixWood program offers a variety of posts to make your unique and customized combinations.

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Found your fence? Don’t forget your hardware. Note that not all materials are suited for use on hardwood.

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