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With NovaThermoWood Ash Felix Clercx offers a good alternative for tropical hardwood. Those who favorite natural wood without chemical additives and who want to avoid tropical wood, have all their wishes come true with NovaThermoWood.

ThermoWood decking by Felix Clercx

ThermoWood decking represents an interesting and eco-friendly decking concept

  • Production of durable decking products without using tropical hardwood
  • Use of local and eco-friendly materials
  • No use of chemical additives (like with green impregnated wood)
  • Application of modern techniques, in particular heat treatment, for a durable result

NovaThermoWood Ash

As a wood species, Ash is not as durable and elegant looking by nature. To experience the aspect and long life of tropical hardwood in wood species like Ash, the Thermowood process was developed.

  • Without chemicals, only by heating, NovaThermoWood reaches the highest durability grade: Class 1
  • A warm brown color with natural wood grain pattern and a perfectly smooth surface
  • As a result of the heat treatment, the wood is modified in such way, that it no longer represents a culture medium for fungi and termites. This is called natural wood protection
  • Extremely stable; the process reduces moist absorption of the wood, so the shrinking and swelling is limited to an absolute minimum
  • Smooth, reeded or brushed,  you will find the perfect surface for every garden
  • Lengths available up to 360 cm and all board ends are tongued and grooved for optimal installation


Thermo-Pine is a pinewood decking product, that, like Ash, is made durable without chemical additives, through heat treatment.  Thermo-Pine is substantially lower in cost. The characteristic knots in pinewood are more rustic and it is not as hard and durable as NovaThermoWood Ash. Thermo-Pine is the perfect compromise between price and durability.  With the right installation and the right level of maintenance, you will enjoy your Thermo-Pine deck for years and years.


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