Hardwood decking by Felix Clercx

What is more beautiful and more natural than a hardwood deck? As a place of rest or rather a warm and cozy place for friendly get togethers?

Before you dive into the properties of the different wood species, you should first have a clear image of your own wishes and demands.

Bangkirai terrace with a vintage look is the trend for this season. The manual obsolete and aging shelves in “used look” save the long wait. Enjoy the trendy appearance immediately after installation!

As for maintenance, you can choose to treat the wood regularly with special vintage oil or choose for further aging naturally. Whatever you will choose, you’re having a trendy vintage look terrace.

Our hardwood is available in different profiles, below you will find some more information about the profiles of our hardwood.

Grooved profile

Wide and straight grooves form an even pattern at the surface of this type of deck. Fastening with screws will provide a marine look. Not only a beautiful appearance, but an effective water discharge and a slip resistant tread surface are characteristics of grooved profile decks.

Reeded profile

Fine ribs will provide your deck surface with a lovely filigrane look. Choose even narrower boards to enhance the fine perspective. Narrow boards also have a spatial effect. The boards can be fastened with screws.

Smooth profile

A smooth surface displays peace and calm and fits perfectly in the modern garden. The boards may be screwed, but if you want to maintain the uniformity of the deck, we recommend the use of hidden fasteners for discrete fixation.

A perfect hardwood deck requires decent planning:

  • detach joists (should be same durability and weight class as deck board) from the ground and do not exceed the maximum required distance between them
  • provide slope (2%)  in length direction of the boards
  • pre-drilling and sinking reduces cracks
  • place 2 stainless steel screws (e.g. 5 x 60 for 25 mm boards) per intersection with joists
  • seal the board ends, treat with oil regularly and provide sufficient ventilation and you will have a forever beautiful deck!

If hardwood is your choice, you will have many options:
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