Fiberon composite decking

Easy maintenance and lasting beauty

Fiberon decking by Felix Clercx

Fiberon is strongly committed to protecting the environment.

And because great outdoor living is nothing without the great outdoors, they incorporate eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes in everything they do.

Do you want the elegant look-and-feel of a tropical hardwood deck, but are you not sure about the natural, sometimes limiting properties of wood? Then Fiberon® composite decking just might be the perfect solution for you!

Do you want to feel comfortable and safe walking your deck barefoot, without the risk of getting hurt by splinters and raised edges of warped and twisted deck boards?

With Fiberon® Decking your wish becomes reality!

What is Fiberon® Decking?

  • Solid deck boards containing 50% wood and 50% HDPE
  • Contrary to wood, no splinters, cracks and warping
  • Tested quality product from U.S. with high performance surface
  • UV-resistant material, (partially) provided with cap layer
  • Multicolor surface, for realistic wood look
  • Fastening with hidden Cobra® fasteners or with screws
  • Neglectable length expansion, installation without slope is even an option
  • Can be cut as regular wood, so round shapes are an option
  • 6 product lines of composite decking to choose from

More information and warranty terms are available at


All Fiberon® deck boards can be fixed by either screws or fasteners. We offer screws that were especially designed to blend with the color of your deck. The fasteners are made of stainless steel and are black so that they are invisible between the boards. To make installation easy, all Fiberon® deck boards are grooved along the side to enable the use of fasteners.

  • Installation on hardwood, composite 4×6 cm beams or aluminum with 2 mm wall thickness
  • Easy installation, all the tools you need are a cordless screwdriver and a saw
  • Round and diagonal shapes are possible, no visible open edges like with compartment profiles
  • Up-to-date and easy installation instructions are always available at

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