Douglas decking

FSC® certified and low-priced

Douglas decking by Felix Clercx


Douglas from Germany and surrounding forests has been one of the most favored wood species for years. A very good price-quality ratio, easy to process and with a rustic pattern full of knots. These are the excellent properties of this FSC® certified decking product. Available in multiple profiles, many design options become possible: from the classic grooved and reeded profile tot a smooth or ‘Cloud’ surface. The ‘Cloud’ profile is a new product, perfectly combining water discharge, esthetics and a great treading stability.

Note: Douglas does not have a high durability, like our other available wood species. As a result, a wood protective construction of the deck (guaranteed water discharge, detachment of the joists) is highly recommendable.
Towards the point when the wood starts to turn grey, we advise treatment with a non film-forming oil-based wood stain.

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