Bamboo decking by Felix Clercx

Complementary to the hardwood product range, Felix Clercx presents the eco-friendly and sustainable product Bamboo X-treme. Thanks to the strong natural properties of bamboo, combined with a patented process, this bamboo product can perfectly measure up to the best tropical hardwoods.

Bamboo X-treme is suited for many different applications, however especially for use as decking.  The deck boards are solid and reversible, thanks to the symmetrically shaped profile, and have two different surface profiles: smooth and reeded.

With coordinating Cobra® fasteners, the product can be installed fast and easy.
For an even more neat and regular effect, Bamboo X-treme board ends were tongued and grooved.

Minimalizing material waste, Bamboo X-treme is also an economical choice. And with a 10-year warranty you can be sure of a top quality deck!

Stages of greying after installation

Original color after installation

After 3 months of weathering

After 18 months of weathering

Use around swimming pools

When Bamboo X-treme is used around swimming pools, one needs to take into consideration the fact that natural, wood-like products, like bamboo, are not always ideal to walk upon barefoot. Like all wood types used outdoors, there will be a risk of splinters, however smaller for Bamboo X-treme than for most tropical hardwoods. Regular oil treatment (more frequently around swimming pools) will be necessary to reduce splintering.  Also, regular maintenance with a silicium carbid broom or a surface polisher will be necessary to further prevent splintering and to keep the surface smooth.

Color and appearance
Bamboo X-treme is a natural product, of which structure and appearance may vary. The color will change in time, depending on applied maintenance and use. The boards have a dark brown color after installation, which will fade in a few weeks’ time. Without treatment, the material will grey (like most wood types do).  If the original brown color is preference, the deck boards need to be treated with water based teak oil (e.g. WOCA Exclusive). Immediately after installation, 1 or 2 layers of oil must be applied.

Natural properties

Bamboo X-treme is similar to other wood species in structure and appearance. The characteristic bamboo knots however are clearly visible and provide the uniquely vivid look. Small surface cracks may occur due to the movement of the material. This will have no negative effect on the stability and durability of the product. The board surface becomes more rugged due to continuous absorption and emission of water, as a result of changing weather conditions. This will cause (small) splinters to occur. Changes in measurements and cupping might also occur. These types of appearance are normal for most wood types, as for Bamboo X-treme, however minimalized for this product by using the patented ‘density-thermo’ method.

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