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A hardwood deck has a natural and warm look and a long lasting performance. We only offer hardwood of the highest rating and selected for the best quality.

Deck boards are available in different wood species, dimensions, profiles and fastening systems. All these elements determine the look of your deck: the colour and structure of the wood, the width of the board, a smooth surface or rather grooved, visible screws or hidden fasteners.

When you know the answers to the following questions, making the right decision will be easy from there on:

  • How long do you want to enjoy your deck? Short term, temporarily or one-time effort to last forever?
  • How high is your budget? Small budget – middle class – high end.
  • Is tropical hardwood a consideration (we only offer provable legally imported wood and are aware of our responsibility), or do you prefer European wood species?
  • Are knots and movement allowed or do you prefer as stable and steady material as possible?
  • Which fastening system do you prefer? Traditional screws or hidden fasteners?
  • Are you okay with performing maintenance on yearly basis or are you looking for a low-maintenance deck?
  • How is your deck to be installed? Sloped or levelled?

Our product range offers a wide variety of options for a customized deck,  in line with your preferences. 

Fastening systems

In line with decking trends of smooth and straight surfaces, Felix Clercx fastening systems offer a simple and lasting solution: fastening without visible screws.

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Deck framing

The deck frame is an important base for your deck: it is here where the wood is in contact with the ground and/or water and so where the quality and durability of the wood becomes an important factor.

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Deck hardware

For the installation of your deck, or any other construction, we offer a wide variety of hardware products.

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