The history of Felix Clercx

With the objective to process and trade mainly indigenous wood, a saw mill and trade company was founded by Mr. Felix Clercx over a century ago (19 June 1891) in Mierlo, a village in the province Noord-Brabant.

Due to continuing sales increase, the company is forced to move to the Julialaan in Helmond, situated at the canal Zuid-Willemsvaart.

Caused by importing problems, during war years 1914-1918, the mines are scourged by a heavy mine timber deficit. This results in the start of a new branche in 1915: the mine timber trade.

In 1930 Mr. Felix Clercx resigns due to health issues. His footsteps are followed by Mr. J.L. Clercx, who extends the company’s activities with trade in pinewood and import of hardwood species from Germany, Poland and France.

In 1975 Mr. J.M. Clercx starts working for the company. He engages in trading oak and tropical hardwoods, with the objective to make the company less reliant on the sawmill.

The large imports of sawn Azobé from Africa cause the sawmill to shut down in 1980. At that time, the trade and imports in wood for the furniture industry takes the most significant place.

In 1983 Mr. J.M. Clercx takes over the leadership of the company from J.L. Clercx, who had been in charge of the company on his own since 1933.


From 1985 onward, the import of wood species Bangkirai can largely compensate for the cuts in Azobé. Within a few years, Felix Clercx becomes the largest importer of this wood species, that is also introduced in other European countries. During the nineties, a huge interest in everything to do with gardens, emerges from the consumer market. Felix Clercx gains from this development enormously  by continuously expanding the FelixWood product range with high quality products. Exports to Belgium and Germany are expanded to other countries like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and France. Felix Clercx thus contributes to the great brand awareness of Bangkirai today.

Room for new concepts
The impetuous growth during the last decade of the 20th century, results in logistic problems where the company is located at the time. Relocating is the only solution and in September 2001 the move to the new location becomes reality. There are also large investments in automation and staff expansion. Meanwhile, the FelixWood product range has  ‘matured’. The changes in the organization create room for the development of new concepts.

the future of Felix Clercx


Wood for generations…
‘As a family business, we know the power of generations. For generations now, we have pursued sustainability of our products, environment and enterprise. This makes us reliable, loyal and inventive. Through years of experience, we offer solutions, for generations… ‘


Continuity for generations, today and tomorrow…
‘Continuity is our main purpose. We create durable relations and products for today’s generations. We invest in sustainable production and innovations for tomorrow’s generations. This way, we contribute to a more stable world, for generations…’

The future
Felix Clercx is highly optimistic towards the future. The company will keep on investing in new (durable and high quality) concepts, that the target group can easily adapt in their range and that will make it easy for them to distinguish themselves from other sellers in the market.

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